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Our Prized Pooches

Our Alfie and Barney

In addition to our passion for bicycles, we have another passion....DOGS....specificallly, European Basset Hounds. We have 2 European Basset Hounds. Admiral Alfred P. Woofington, Esquire aka Alfie or Big Red & Lord Barnabus Wigglebottom III Grand Duke of Droolridge aka B-Bus. Follow our hounds on Instagram @alfiewoofington where they have a pretty strong following that has changed our lives in ways we never could have imagined.

Alfie & Barney would love to meet your pooches! While they aren't at the shop every day, they are here at least a few days a week. We have a filtered water cooler with a dog dish and dog treats to share with any pooch who visits us and our boys.

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