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Let us help match your bike with your unique style



We carry a variety of bicycles to meet all of your cycling needs. We sell the following bicycles:

  • Road Bikes

  • Mountain Bikes

  • Gravel Bikes

  • Hybrid Bikes

  • Cyclocross Bikes

  • BMX Bikes

  • ebikes

  • Cruiser Bikes

  • Kid's Bikes

  • Balance/Starter Kid's Bikes


Owner, rider, and mechanic, Brian Rybak, can repair most any bicycle issue. Bring your bike with you when you visit. Turnaround times may vary depending on what is needed and how many bikes we have needing repairs. Standard Tune Ups start at $70 and will vary in price depending on the need. A standard tune up includes the following:

  • Wheels trued

  • All bearings adjusted

  • All cables lubricated

  • Brakes & shifting adjusted

  • Chain lubricated

  • Light cleanup 

  • Tires inflated to proper PSI

  • Overall safety check


We schedule and perform fittings during our closed hours to ensure you have Brian's undivided attention. Fittings are scheduled on Mondays or before or after shop hours. The cost of a typical a fitting starts at $150. However, some of our bikes include a fitting with their purchase due to the individualized build of the bike.


We carry a variety of bicycle parts, accessories, and clothing. Some of the items we carry are:

  • Wahoo Trainers

  • Helmets 

  • Grips 

  • Pedals 

  • Saddles/Seats 

  • Lights

  • Bells

  • Bags

  • Locks

  • Chain Lube

  • Tubes

  • Tires

  • Pegs

  • Chains

  • Tools

  • Bike trailers

  • Racks

  • Men's & Women's Jerseys

  • Men's & Women's shorts

  • Bibs

  • Mountain Bike Shoes

  • Road Shoes

  • Gear Up Velo shirts & hats for men & women


We carry a wide variety of nutritional items for any athlete. Whether you are going for a ride, run, or heading out to a game, we have what your body needs to get you prepped and hydrated! We carry:

  • GUs

  • Skratch Labs Hydration Mix

  • Skratch Labs Recovery Mix

  • Skratch Labs Chews 

  • Skratch Labs Energy Bars

  • BLOKS Chews

  • Honey Stinger Gels

  • Honey Stinger Waffles

  • NOOMA Electrolyte Drinks

  • The Biker & Baker Granola

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