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Matthew Schieferstein


Matthew has been riding bikes longer than he hasn't. Ever since the training wheels came off at the age of 5, he'd had an interest in the sport. He and his friends terrorized the neighborhood on their BMX bikes, building tracks in the woods at the risk of great personal injury and interest of local law enforcement. His appreciation for road cycling came as the result of his grandfather, Ed Grace, taking Matthew on his first endurance ride around Kelly's Island. He became infatuated with the likes of Marco Pantani, Richard Virenque, Miguel Indurain, Tony Rominger, and the other greats of the era.

Cycling took a backseat to music in his later teenage years. After obtaining a Jazz Studies degree from BGSU, he went on to play music for a living, making tens of dollars and developing a two-pack-a-day smoking habit. He quit smoking, started running, then bought a Cannondale CAAD 10 after becoming injured. He became re-obsessed with cycling. During his pursuit of his MBA from Cleveland State University, he proceeded to ride to class every day, and ride between 250-450 miles a week in the summertime between semesters. He participated in the now-defunct Westlake Training Series and Races at the Lake, as well as several local criterium, road, and cyclocross races. 

In 2015, he officially entered the cycling industry. He developed his knowledge of product and service over many years. However, he discovered his true passion in the industry by accident: bike fitting. After receiving his first professional fit, he was hooked. He found his calling. The following years saw him develop and practice his fitting knowledge and methods in various regional shops. He has attended workshops hosted by the likes of Happy Freedman, Greg Robidoux, Anne Barnes, and more. 

In addition to cycling, he is passionate about music. A lifelong musician, he plays (and has played) drums for numerous local and regional artists. His most recent recorded work is on "Twigs" the debut album from Cleveland/Nashville songwriter Brian Bacon. He lives in Willoughby with his girlfriend Helen, their cats Atlas and Leo, and their golden retriever Ladybug. 

Matthew Schieferstein
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